Month: July 2012

Mental and Medical Benefits of Coffee: Introduction

(via medscape) – The best part of waking up…is reducing your risk of neurodegeneration. And depression, and cancer, and cardiovascular disease… It’s becoming increasingly clear that coffee is more than just a morning routine. The body of data suggesting that

Team Care Helps Dementia Patients Stay at Home

by Deborah Brauser Via Medscape July 24, 2012 (Vancouver, British Columbia) — An intervention utilizing home-based, team-centered care may help elderly patients with dementia and other memory disorders to remain in their homes for a longer period, new research suggests.

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Foodborne Illness in Kids: A Primer

by Rakesh D. Mistry, MD (via Medscape) As you know, foodborne illnesses are quite common. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 40 million children per year develop foodborne illness. That number may actually be far higher as

Coffee vs The Grim Reaper: Drink Up

By Henry R. Black, MD Via Medscape: Hi. I am Dr. Henry Black. I am Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, a member of the Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, and

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