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You’ll be directed to my blog for my psychotherapy practice in which I publish helpful and relevant information related not only to mental health and wellness but other topics related to well-being and problems faced by individuals and families at large.  You’ll find news and information on diverse related topics including research and discoveries that may help you and/or someone you know.  Feel free to comment, share, and of course, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

I have a great deal of helpful advice for those who are dealing with mental health issues as well as for their families, friends, and loved ones.  Some of these materials include articles, information sheets, and packets, many of which are original and some of which have been published.  I often provide such materials directly in person to individuals at the office of my practice to provide them supportive material.

From time to time I may publish such works or post them on this website for download, but it is usually preferable to contact me and I can directly give you such materials via email or in person, assuring you receive the most appropriate information to the issue(s) at hand.  This prevents the communication of any misinformation, assures you are provided the most current and relevant information from the constantly evolving discipline of behavioral science and understanding of Psychology.

Contacting me also provides you the opportunity to speak with a licensed psychotherapist who can answer your questions and help you further if need be.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Answering Service Hotline Available 24/7:

“Emergency Sessions” are referred on this site and in my practice as “Urgent Sessions” to avoid the confusion that sometimes exists between definitions in different settings and amounts different people. An “Urgent Session” might refer to a contact with the therapist that was not previously scheduled, but is agreed should occur as soon as possible. Therefore, in this context, its most clear for everyone if the word “Urgent” is utilized which avoids the implications of the word, “Emergency” which, in clinical vernacular refers to an acute crisis, danger, or safety issue.
In the event of, but not limited to, an imminent threat, safety concern, perceived danger to yourself or others, including the desire to harm yourself and/or others, IMMEDIATELY call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.
Emergency Services are equipped to provide the appropriate aid for an acute crisis. You can and should contact the therapist once the situation has been stabilized. In an emergency, every second counts.
Maintaining your safety is and continues to be my highest priority.