Coming soon?  Look for content here.  If things continue going the way they are as far as they are in my experiment, I may bank several episodes then connect to the appropriate distribution channels (iTunes, etc), but for now I haven’t taken the time to set up compelling guests, because I haven’t had time to record except for late in the evening.  So I guess I’m in the practicing phase, but it would be helpful to have guests and/or a co-host as just me talking can turn silly fast.  Perhaps a bit inappropriate (but harmless too) as I tend to crack myself up with ridiculous thoughts and tangential missions down the many rabbit holes all around me.

In the meantime, I’ll probably try to up my Blog Posting and include a Blog Post Audio Companion like I did for the Chris Cornell Post.  I’ll add that below in case you missed it.

If I’m lucky, maybe this will motivate me to post articles more often and leave the extensive research and material as well as related topics I wind up with for the audio making it much more realistic to post regularly and gather some momentum.

Have a good one and take it light!

Here’s the audio I mentioned above: