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The drug industry spent $106 million between 2014 and 2016 lobbying Congress on a bill now a law, which removed the DEA’s long relied upon ability to freeze suspicious narcotic shipment from drug makers (and other legislation), The passing of that Bill removes the DEA’s ability to use one of its most effective weapons preventing prescription opiates made by pharmaceutical companies from getting to the streets.  


Meanwhile, almost 60,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2016. In 2015, 87 children died of opiate intoxication, which occurred in many ways similar to those seen just a couple of months ago over the summer.

Here’s what horrible things can and have happened because of this epidemic over this past summer in Philly alone. A 9-month old died after rolling over onto a needle in their parents’ bed, a 20-month-old girl died after drinking methadone left in a water bottle in the family’s mini-van, and a 2-year-old boy died after taking 2 oxycodone (Vicodin) pills found in mom’s purse. Those 3 were just a few of the kids killed this year from opiates. In Milwaukee, 8 children have died of opioid poisoning since 2015.



1. Rep. Tom Marino-R, PA – who was given $100K from “Political Action Committees” repping the pharmaceutical companies that manufacturer opioid-based pain pills.

Rep. Tom Marino
2. Sen. Orrin Hatch-R, Utah – (wait, this f’er is still alive?), received $170k for his efforts as the bill passed after that creepy smiling d-bag who has clearly had at least a couple of nips and tucks on that mug of his, negotiated a final version after multiple revisions.
***Keep Reading as these two scumbags have had horrendous overdose deaths of their constituents.



Apparently, they needed to dig up Hatch after Marino “spent years trying to move the law through Congress.”

I guess he’s the only Marino who can’t get the ball into the end zone.

NOT FUN FACT: Marino, criminal and overall P.O.S. that he is, according to the article in the Washington Post, is Trump’s nominee to become the nation’s next Drug Czar. You gotta be f’n kidding me!

And that walking dance of the living dead Hatch (doesn’t matter how tight they pull your ass fat injected face, you’re still 83) and the fact that you’re from a State that has such a blatant Opiate Addiction problem makes you that much worse. Everybody remembers Utah, right? That would be that State with only 3 million people but yet its pharmacists filled roughly 7,200 opioid prescriptions per day in 2015. Orrin, it doesn’t bother you that in Salt Lake City, one ER doctor recently revived 4 overdosing toddlers in 1 night!

You know when you hear about teenage athletes who died due to taking some supplement from GNC or over the counter at one of the big pharmacies like Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS and more.

Well, we can thank Hatch for the lack of regulations on supplements and their manufacturers ability to make outrageous claims on the bottle. The only advancement in reversing that is the good old statement that the FDA hasn’t reviewed these claims. Reminds me of the warnings on a pack of cigarettes. Or Parental Discretion Advised Stickers. These are the “No Shit” warnings that waste our money being debated about.

So Hatch being the Utah Senator that he is has been taking full advantage of the fact that Utah is “the Silicon Valley of the supplement world.” He was the chief author of the federal law enacted 23 years ago that allows companies to make general health claims about their products but exempts them from federal reviews of their safety or effectiveness before they go to market. During the Obama administration, the Hatcher repeatedly intervened with his colleagues in Congress and federal regulators in Washington to fight proposed rules that industry officials consider objectionable.

Tommy Boy Marino. I didn’t forget about your either. You are a State Representative of Pennsylvania. So, weren’t you concerned 4 years ago, before the height of this epidemic but an epidemic nonetheless when 22 of your constituents in Pittsburgh died in less than 2 weeks from Fentanyl laced heroin.

Asshole, Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine. 100 times. You know, 100. Like 100 thousand dollars you received to push a bill through congress.

If there’s any justice in the cosmos, these two will spend eternity in that special place in hell reserved for such caring humans. I’m hoping these two beauties wind up attached in a Human Centipede while being constantly overdosed, revived, with alternating denial of access to opiates inducing major explosion of bodily fluids from both ends. Essentially, they’ll be honking out of both ends in to each other. If you two want to get started early use these handy instructors from Ikea.



I originally started posting this on FB but it was getting too long but I linked to this on FB. Hopefully, they’ll take issue because I’d love to ask them if they saw South Park this week. If you haven’t, check it out. Lots of Mark Zuckerberg.

But I digress. In early August of this year an infant AND 3 Adult Emergency Responders were sickened by Heroin laced with CARFENTANIL, an analogue that’s 5,000 times stronger then Heroin. Touching or breathing in just a couple of salt sized granules of carfentanil kill an adult male.

But don’t worry congress, because as we speak, in China tons of this are being produced in dirty warehouses whose owners refer to them as labs, and then shipped in in 55 Gallon Drums to South America where it’s being pre-added to heroin.

I could care less if I get some negative comments for this post because some genius thinks that I’m writing this about politics. Put it this way, I barely scratched the surface on this issue especially about these infants dying, or left in a home or vehicle with dead parents. Anyone who wants to take a shot at me because of they are too damaged to be comfortable with themselves, have at it. Hopefully, you wind up in the Centipede.

Seriously, this story has been breaking all week in pieces and when you add all the other information I have or am aware of regarding the opioid epidemic, it’s going to take a lot more than a blog post just to organize the issues. Given the time sensitivity, with the Washington Post Article out now and 60 Minutes airing tonight, I just wanted to get something posted.

It’s a developing issue, and this epidemic is going nowhere so stay safe and take care of yourself and know where your kids are as well as who they’re hanging out with and you’ll get more from me as this develops further.

Take it light!

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